Saptarishi Mandalam


>>> Paradise is empty and all the Angels are here <<< She was born on the top of almond trees and that’s why she is immortal. Her mouth is a bulldozer that obliterates the truth and it is torching my cochlea. Once you learn how to read the butterflies, all books and information become useless. For breakfast she is always eating honey with thorns, her mirror is her unconditional lover and she is knitting rhapsodies out of nothing. Announcement for the Future of Planet Earth: Number 0 is the base of a pyramid. The dimensions of this base are simultaneously infinite + determined. Number 0 is the cause, the causality and the return of everything and this is why pyramids are beautiful + imposing and that’s why Number 0 always wins… I am a purple cloud in front of your eyes and you like it! It’s not easy at all to graduate from the IASDSS (Institute of Advanced Studies on Delivering and Spreading the Sorrow). Sometimes, life turns people thinking and feeling like an elder woman on a wheelchair in Vegas with her hands waiting for the coins to drop (she is white haired and her name is Margaret). How do you make your blackness fill me with yellow come on are you crazy? Τhe veins of our cities are poisoned with human egotism. Your voice feels like pure cotton covering my skin. You are my body and I am your soul. Reversed Promise: stars the beyond journey a on me with Come. Vicious atrocities on the core of lemon trees. Idle crocodiles crawling onto vulgar balloons and the moon is invisible without your eyes burning my heart. Do not forget this. Dodd Frank’s breakdown >> WWIII ???

The plants are flowering later, the birds are immigrating earlier and yes, everything is fine.

Maria Zakharova’s Kalinka dance is the ultimate weapon of post-modern foreign policy. Her dance made the entire Pentagon collapse and all the U.S. officials were literally knocked out and fainted (true fact). Zakharova’s poisonous tongue is secondary in comparison to the glorious force of Kalinka dance because as we already know: it’s all about the Music.

… yourfrecklesaregoingtobelikeshimmeringstarsonthecelluloidOyes.

In Indian Astronomy, the number of Saints appearing in a constellation called “Saptarishi Mandalam” (Ursa Major) is 7.

There is no paranoia in this world. The reality itself drives people crazy.

Blake Lively is in love with Malena Morgan but she doesn’t know it. They share a vanilla ice cream and their beauty is beyond a rainbow’s beauty and no further explanation is needed here.

We are just expecting the thunderstorms to save us.

The one and only worth reading newspaper is ’’The Financial Times’’ because their articles usually rely on numbers and numbers are faithful, stubborn and honest entities and they never lie. Funny huh?

Everything is subjective except Basketball.

We started looking at the streets when walking and the world became tremendous and we like all kinds of weather and people fall in love in the autumn or in the winter and all these rumors about the summer and the spring are just motives and stimulus of artistic expression but more often they are a proof of human weakness.

Steve Jobs is not dead.

’’In Tajikistan, a small mountainous country north of Afghanistan, political battles have been waged over the Tajik Aluminum Company (Talco), the country’s largest exporter, whose management structure is registered in the British Virgin Islands.’’ Full stop.

The incomparable happiness I feel when I look and hear my dog drinking water. This is Love.

Which is the color of Eternity and which is the shape of Freedom? And finally, which is the smell of Absence?

Don’t get loud when you are thinking of me because I am deaf since forever and forever.

I will wait to live with you until I die.

Yes OK.

C’mon C’mon! – I am your favorite enemy!!!

C’mon C’mon! – Mutilated souls are crawling on social media!!!

C’mon C’mon! – The Dwarfs with the Dwarfs and the Giants with the Giants!!!

C’mon C’mon! – The Galaxies are Liars!!!

C’mon C’mon! – Cinnamon!!!

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