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Are you married now?

Michoacan’s Monarch Butterflies forest set fire to a controversial explosion of the existence and this is why the Butterflies arrive there on the day coinciding with the day of the celebration of the Dead.

Geophony, Biophony, Anthropophony cause noise in the Nature and the Animals change their sound, too.

Your smile clouds the marbles’ certainty.

RR Lyrae is the prototype of one of the most important classes of variable star in astronomy. RR Lyrae variables are periodic variable stars, commonly found in globular clusters and are used as standard candles to measure (extra)galactic distances. This class of variable star is named after the prototype and brightest example, RR Lyrae.

Are you married now?

Minister of Cinema is Mr. Béla Tarr and his film ’’The Turin Horse’’ is the best film of all time. After that film, all cinema productions should have been cancelled or postponed for at least two decades, but we live in a world of idiots who are rewarding films by ignoring the fact that another Béla (Béla Bartók) correctly and precisely mentioned: ’’Competitions are for horses and not for artistic works’’.

’’The Turin Horse’’ is the best film of all time.

If you don’t believe me, watch again the gypsies’ arrival (not just about the cinematography, direction and scenography which are all beyond perfect, but for its actual meaning and the interpretative force which erupts from the life’s lesson…).

’’The Turin Horse’’ is the best film of all time.

Our Kingdom’s name is the United States of Cosmos (U.S.C.) and our Flag’s symbol is an orange circle on black.

Manhattan makes her ethereal and she’s got light feathers and an irony soul and she came from elsewhere to go everywhere but she is always nowhere. It is a bit complicated like those nights of resistant eyes and cold legs don’t you remember?

Swans are still swimming in your belly but the lake got dried and we ran out of water. Leveling the Zero is not a Triumph Mrs. Failure. How does it feel to sleep with a substitute?

I came here from Reality.

Being an art curator/art critic etc. is like you are entering a brothel without a dick.

IwanttofuckTaylorSwift+BlueAngelallatoonceinthenameoftheBlondeEmpireOyes! Here we talk about the fertile Vojvodina and we also talk about the sound of a girl’s roller coasters in a kindergarten in Brooklyn. Do you know what I mean or you are again confused by Communism and its leftovers such as Demida + Angelica? Mrs. Dolly Leigh and Ivanka Trump (the feminist) will be just watching us in the name of the Blonde Empire thankyouverymuch.

I have died many times and you cannot kill me.

The sentimental heritage of the Balkans spit on the golden crowns of Europe. Did you hear that Herr. Raubgold?

They called me crazy because I told them that I cried when I drove over a hedgehodge and he died immediately. And they called me crazy aboyt crying. The crazy ones called me crazy and the regulatory costs didn’t matter.

You don’t have an idea about the smell of Samantha Hayes’ armpit and you do not have an idea about the sound from the robust heart pulses at a lonesome Texaco gas station in Arizona and about the seismic sense when touching with both hands the sunset at the Navajo Point in the South Rim of Grand Canyon. Moreover, you do not have an idea about the smell of a basket ball and don’t forget that you don’t have an idea about the smell of Samantha Hayes’ armpit (Ηrvatska!) so you better either go fuck yourself or you simply go out of this room but immediately please.

Thank you again.

God is bigger than me or you but I am bigger than you and this is why you read me.

The biggest achievement in someone’s life is to be a realistic musician and luckily there are too many out there.

I have set up microphones all over the world and I listen immediately whatever you say about me so you better keep it quite because life is now wireless and seagulls are flying fast…

I don’t go to Church. The Church comes to me (when I need her).

Feelings are vital and thoughts are mortal. But, it’s impossible to feel without thinking and it’s impossible to think without feeling. Therefore: 54 + 63 = 222.


You wrote me ’’No’’ and it was the loudest ’’Yes’’ I have ever heard. Who is insane? Me or you or you and me or both?

Dennis Rodman erased all possibilities for war between the U.S. and North Korea. He is awarded by me with the Gold Medal of World Peace (GMWP).

Attention! Those who live in the cities are peasants! Attention! Those who live in the cities are peasants!

November is May.

I rather read Asterix and Ovelix or Lucky Luke or watch Robin Hood (or Ben Hur!!!) instead of reading about the Trickle Down Economic Theories.

NPT (Non Proliferation Treaty) is not enough. Denuclearization all over the Earth! Right here, right now!

’’Satisfaction = Reality – Expectations’’ and ’’Sword – Peach = Bitcoin’’. Yes.

“Music is everything. God himself is nothing more than an acoustic hallucination”. Emil Cioran, Tears and Saints

Ursula Andress < Ursula Undress

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