E.E. are Emotional Excavations and we are in Love. We are in Astronomical Love.

We have fully experienced numerous incidencies which had never happened; and we are still alive…

We like using Graphic Equalizers as Pianos.

The Sun was born in Brasil and he died in Finland…

The notion of harmony has been spread out widely, even out of Pethagoreans’ faculty. For instance, Heraclitus (535-475 B.C.) stated that from ’’things that differ there is the most beautiful harmony arising’’.

Biomimetic sound-generated concert halls! How would a space look like if you could translate Music into architecture?

You made my soul like Andes are dancing together with Kilimanjaro a valse which was composed by Johan Sebastian (V)ach.

Inquisitive Hyperloop trains.

If I could record my heart and play it loud out of the building you are living, it would fall apart like it was just constructed of thin paper.

Let’s all fight together against the increasing phenomenon of feministic lonesome or collective fascism.

Brains functioning as Lego pieces in faulty assemblage. This is what we like.

A! And we also like Sentimental Elevators! And Emotional Excavations!

Watering the water, planting the plants and smiling to the smiles.

Diving on curtains + Touching the air + Diving on curtains = DTD

When you are smiling, it’s like all the sadness in the world is being erased.

I love a stone and I am the owner of all your serotonin.

Happiness is when there is no stomach left to eat anything at all and blind birds are flying, too.

The worst murders are without any use of violence, like for instance with the use of Veratrum Album.

The most charming element on someone’s expression is the honesty on his/her face. And this kind of sexuality has nothing to do with Brigitte Bardot or something like this.

The angels got robust and the police arrested them but there was no flowers in their hands. No flowers at all… There was not even one flower in the angels hands when the police arrested them. They were just wounded by the laser darts of whispering in the night in the ear of someone who is not there but feels happy with your joy and sad with your sorrow by saying that the invisible beauty remains alive in the abyss (no commas used here).

She is singing ”jingle bells – jingle bells – jingle all the way” in July and she pretends covering her face from the snow under the brightest sun.

The God cut my heart in 7777 pieces just beside the Ocean.

Αd Ηominem consists of the truth or falsity of arguments, or merits, or defects of people who support these or similar arguments.

For the first time in history, scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have captured how our brain makes memories in video, watching how molecules morph into the structures that, at the end of the day, make who we are. If there’s a soul, this is how it gets made. These insights into the molecular basis of memory were made possible by a technological ”tour de force” never before achieved in animals: a mouse model developed in which molecules crucial to making memories were given fluorescent tags so they could be observed traveling in real time in living brain cells.

There is no sub product for remedy, but remedy is not a product.

DJing is like borrowing someone’s Ferrari to go with your girlfriend for a ride. Pop Music elicits the denser responding in the Nucleus Accumbens. A?

We are totally bankrupt and we are in Love. We are in Astronomical Love.

Post modern terrorism is yellow and strawberries are black.

Which is the color of regret? Which is the color of freedom? Which is the color of despair? Which is the color of happiness? Which is the shape of kindness and which is the shape of wisdom?

Waves of needles towards my head:

I dreamt of you dreaming and I got burnt on the sea.

I dreamt of you staring and I woke up blind.

I dreamt of you smiling and I woke up crying.

I dreamt of you dancing and I woke up paralyzed.

I dreamt of you swimming and I woke up choked.

I dreamt of you singing and I woke up deaf.

I dreamt of you being loved and I woke up dead.

EPFR Global, Black Rock opportunities etcetera etcetera… Who gives a fuck?

The staircase was narrow and vertical. We couldn’t jump across due to suffocated inertia. We needed the staircase to be red and us to be inertia proof.

We are professional madmen and our brother is a jaguar.

I want to be focused in those moments when there are paranoid rivers running inside my head and when it’s impossible to write or think anything at all. This is not related to Mihály Csíkszentmihályi’s ’’flow’’; and this is not associated at all with Henry Flynt’s ’’cognitive nihilism’’ or HESE (Hallucinogenic Ecstatic Sound Experience).

Do you know what I mean?

Do you understand?

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