Saint Zero

For breakfast we offer razor blades, holocausts and a little marmalade.

Heraclitus stated that diverse things, notions, entities etc. give birth to the most beautiful harmony.

The bunkers for the rats and the skies for the defeated kings…

Tremendous Televised Terrific Tissues Terminate Traumatized Tongues = TTTTTTT

Is it better to fall asleep with grievance or with qualms?

Ηer face is like an Eskimo girl’s face whose roots are in Caucasus at the former Soviet empire and in Corsica at the Mediterranean Sea o yes!!!

There is no other truth than Music, which contains such a particular and unique agility. However, without a memory of tears the most beautiful dance looks like aerobic.

The death of all stimuli is like a piece of gold standing in your hands and then it glides like it was soap.

Let it be just dark when we die. All will be ok if its just dark when we die. Let it be dark when we die. Darkness enlightens the soul. Darkness is the brightest light ever. Darkness is the beginning and the end. Darkness helps us to re-adjust our perception on reality. Darkness is not delusional. Darkness is totally pragmatic and tangible.

Nelumbo Nucifera… and of course, not to forget, there is also Cushman & Wakefield and there is also homeless kids in Tzakarta, Nairobi, Kuala Lumpur etc.

Your hair are orange because the sun was in vertigo when painting them and you can’t touch me if there are no shadows of silver in your hands, OK?

Alpha males have nothing to do with KGB’s Alpha range in Psychotronics…

Music is the cure for any kind of poison. Let’s set our souls free to crash to each other, come on.

With the use of Mathematics, similarities have been found between the physical structure of spider silk and the sonic structure of a melody, proving that the structure of each relates to its function in an equivalent way. Additionally, Heptares Therapeutics discovered CRF1 but people are and will still be sorrowed because usually ’’their melancholy is their best friend’’. (Søren Kierkegaard)

A labyrinth is a labyrinth. You can’t never get out. You just reach its sides and edges but you never get out. A labyrinth is always, constantly and relentlessly a labyrinth. A deaf abyss, or in other words like the universe singing in your ears.

Now the eagles are flying. They bite me on my chest and we escape to that place where we first met and where we’ll die together. Your eyes are staring on the stratosphere of the void and your lips taste the void of the stratosphere.

Are you crazy?

Happiness is when its useless to replace the batteries on the clock.

The soundtrack was a single recording of the tears flowing in your veins. Ultimate Music.

Carma, a company in Paris has designed an artificial heart fashioned in part from cow tissue. The device, soon to be tested in humans is regulated by sensors, software and microelectronics. And its power will come from two external wearing lithium-ion batteries.

Let’s live forever?

Ambiguous angels on geothermic confessions are hanging on grey skies – penetrating in them with desperate singing and pink boots with feathers. Pedestrian epileptic cobras in cooperation with astronauts are knitting the Chaos.

The most nude nudity are words. Sometimes, Music is naked, too.

Songs as swords. When I talk to you, it’s like an anchor pulling me against a flight which is ending directly to hell.

Nihilistic tigers arranging a party on a field which has just been attacked by a storm. There was no Music, only thunders and tigers partying under the rain.

Are you bankable? Music as oxygen/Music as blood + cunts as honey…

Memory is the enemy of tomorrow.

4 Giraffes are playing the drums by holding 12 drum sticks in their teeth / 6 elephants are grabbing 6 violins with their noses / 9 polar bears are singing in a choir + 1 horse is playing the guitar.

We buried all the witnesses, we set ourselves invisible and then we died 3 times in the row.

If you say ’’will you’’, I will you.

0 + 0 = ∞


1 + 1 = ∞


The eyes of those who are in love can burn the fire.

She went on holidays in an island with white sand beaches and she painted them all black in 4 days and 48 seconds, precisely.

Are you crazy?

Bilingual metastasis cuts the time in shreds.

Love My You.

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