Disoriented Falcons

O HI! How are you?

Our fantasies united are going to edit the world!!!

Blocked blocks of blocked buildings inhabited by blocked people in blocked blocks of blocked inertia in blocks.

There was an evasively unfettered access to your skin; a path to a significant absence of senses followed by an umbilical cord guiding directly to introspection and/or vigilantism.

Ηylomorphism could cause intractable problems…


Let me be thirsty even if its only about to drink your poison.

The entire earth was covered by Misanthropic Yellow Flowers (MYF). There was only yellow flowers everywhere, even covering the oceans. And, there were also numerous beautiful pigs, chickens, lambs and other species dancing and celebrating the humans’ disappearance – those who have been killing them for centuries.

She was born in aquatic sceneries.

Instead of 2 eyes, 2 swords.

Instead of 2 cheeks, 2 pink velvet valleys.

Instead of 1 nose, 1 piece of marble sculptured by Callimachus.

Instead of 2 lips, 2 flames.

The spring is always not here though.

Visible Verdigo Verifies Various Verdicts = VVVVV

The question is never ’’why?’’. The question is always ’’why not?’’.

The distance cuts the oxygen and the touch gives birth to breathe.

Mediocre stars become food for fishes. The ocean on the sky and the sky on the ocean. All upside down!

Her blackest black eyes operate like emotional tornadoes and her hair are like the rivers of justice, wisdom and truth; re-establishing and redefining the notion of harmony.

”Ah” is global.

The tears give birth to the words and not vice versa and she has already been sentenced in eternal happiness.

Writing is like living in a daily holocaust.

The dog’s eyes transmit such intense emotions not only because of oxytocin, but also because of the absence of the speech. The density and the depth of the feelings are at least doubled because the speech is being replaced by emotions which are being reflected upon its eyes.

Those who believe and support economists who negatively criticize the ’’system’’ and the banks; monetary and fiscal policies of governments and all the relatives, are just short term idiots who do not have any idea (or hypocritically ignore it…), about something absolutely basic, crucial and fundamental in the economic theory, which is almost worldwide applied in the 21st century. The fact that a liberal economy is based on, relied and receiving potentially and selectively positive feedback by the deficits themselves. Periods of deficits are like exhales. The longer you exhale and the less you breathe, the more you are in danger.

And they are also hypocritically ignoring the robust entity of ’’Country Risk’’.

Periods of deficits and crisis feed the system and those economists are just observing the situation without having anything alternatively feasible or applicable to propose. It’s the easiest thing to do for anyone like them and this is why they just live through academic lectures, articles on newspapers, book sales etc. Politics, decision makers and opinion leaders are (fortunately or not), a totally different territory which has to do with the reality itself. It has to do with human lives and not just with words, ideas, non-sense research, imaginary random diagrams and dreams. Futile words and sterile criticism are for those who are ridiculously morons following the opinion of utopia theory economists. And this is that.

These are the times of a thousand trillion waves crashing towards our chest. These are the times when we realize the evil and we face it directly to its black core.

To those who say ’’Live everyday of your life as it was the last one’’, we respond: ’’Live every day of your life as it is the first one and you have all the time and space to think and imagine the future’’. We like it like this.

Love is a microbe which can be transmitted in nanoseconds from Patagonia to Kamchatka, from Chiwawa to Amsterdam, from Sydney to Vermont and from Siberia to Mozambique without any stop.

She is drawing the ocean on a palm tree leaf and she is painting the clouds in the color of erebus. Her hair are like an inevitable staircase to the bottom of the black skies.

The concealed mirage of the detachment of the soul from the exhausting spinning of the world encompasses unpredictable coordinates and dimensions which make us confused and wanting to die. No?

All the stories have happened and all the stories have been told. There is no other fairytale left than the Music. Music fills the life’s faulty holes. Music is the blood of the world. Music is the psyche of the sea, she lives in the air we breathe and she is red.

A little bit later, he made a phone call to Jesus Christ and he just said: ’’1 x bed + 1 x Jodi Taylor + 1 x Abby Martin (+ 1 x Bianca Freire for the Tropical Pansexualism + 1 x Danica Dillan because we are all Indians), please’’. Los Angeles Vs Washington D.C, Intellectual Fake Journalism Vs The Hedonism of the Flesh, RT Vs Pornlywood and (as always) you can imagine the rest…

The hearts which are jumping like electrocuted frogs will remain alive for ever.

Like when this purple moment appears and you are scared to listen to that song that made you fall in love with someone, don’t you know?

Don’t get dizzy and don’t get out of focus because we all have to die!

Watch out!!! Watch out!!! A yellow boat is sailing from Jupiter to Mars!!!

Watch out!!! Watch out!!! A mountain is being shaken by a baby’s fingers!!!

Watch out!!! Watch out!!! A platanus is weeping on behalf of the centuries!!!

Watch out!!! Watch out!!! A hippopotamus is singing Carmina Burana!!!

Watch out!!! Watch out!!! The bonfires of melancholy hug each other on the moon!!!

Watch out!!! Watch out!!! A cloud is sleeping above her house!!!

Watch out!!! Watch out!!!

Your darkness is my eternal dwelling and your light is my temporary happiness.

The glass was filled with colorful butterflies and she swallowed them all and she got drunk until she confessed that ’’we are always January – no matter what we pretend to be’’.

When you have nothing, you have something to lose.

Insanity is property of wisdom and Love is property of death.

Do you believe in unbelievable stories about Love?

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