”IIC – International Internal Catastrophes” is a handcrafted project by Novi_sad + Isaac Niemand. The Audio + Film material had been captured in Iceland and it was transformed to Audio-Visual mirages.

International Internal Catastrophes.

Made in Iceland.

• Directed by Novi_sad

• Filming + Cinematography by Isaac Niemand

• Edited by Novi_sad + Isaac Niemand

• Music by Novi_sad

* Please watch this at 1080p

** The original resolution of the work is DCI 4K (4096×2160)

IIC – International Internal Catastrophes is an Audio-Visual project by Novi_sad + Isaac Niemand. In this project, they develop a visceral, dense and profound Optico-Sonic framework, through which they are triggering the inner senses and enhancing the evolution/development of a rare cultural ostentation, built on mythical crescendos, slow motion deliriums, overwhelming visual energy, hyper-beauty, elegance; and of course, tension.




IIC transforms interpretation into experience, one that the audience is sensing rather than viewing/listening, one that makes them sweat rather than look/hear.




IIC fosters dissonant elements, tempered by emphasis on layered exaggerations, which are capable of causing acutely synaesthetic reactions. Multi-layered epic abstract soundscapes, delighted with elegiac optical nuances and the profound sequential exploration of the notion of the terms ”collapse-rebuild-isolate-take off…” and so on, are the core, generative and fundamental force of this project. Amalgamated with entirely unique dynamics, IIC is immersive, outrageous and extreme in its approach on the geometrical construction and demonstration of the composed sounds and visual parts.

• The first part of the project is exclusively based on a wide range of sonic phenomena (audible and/or inaudible), which have been captured at one of the most hostile environments on planet Earth (Iceland).

• The second part is based on vibration recordings from Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges in NYC. Also in use, there was the voice of a woman mourning her murdered children during the civil war in Bosnia in 1996. A five minutes excerpt from this second part entitled ”Riotous Viscera”, has been selected and utilized by Lars von Trier for his project ”Gesamt”, responding to the theme associated to James Joyce’s ”Ulysses”.







IIC operates as an explicit incarnation of mutated Audio-Visual mirages within a psychotic phonography + iconography that arises and being (re)produced by the isolation and destruction of psyches, by the unexpected but inevitable climax of humans entering this unidentified and unknown universe as conquerors of active observation who encounter sounds and images which have never been perceived before.




+ You can watch the entire project and you can purchase the full length artwork in HD on s[edition].

+ A set of images is here.

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