Vertical Horizon

Death is the gasoline of the soul and Love is the fire.

I want to sleep forever in the echo of the shell of the words you never said.

Now the trains are flying, the eagles are swimming, the helicopters are crawling, the airplanes are digging holes into the earth, the camels are skiing, the tracks are diving, the sharks sleep on the mountains, a car is snowboarding and an elephant rests into the deep ocean.

The more you talk, the less intelligent you get.

Your voice inhabits my soul, she lives in me, she decides on my behalf, I hear it during my sleep, she tells me ’’good morning’’ and ’’good night’’ and she has an answer for every unanswerable question.

The Internet set the World on Peace because the War is now on the Internet.

Wells Fargo is an honest and sincere bank, the Sun is blue and the Moon is a triangle.

Actively solitude, asexual, 4 m²/1 hour staying hotel rooms in the downtowns of big cities where the already dead victims can rest their body and their brain (?), scrolling down, scrolling up, scrolling down, stuffed mass transport, poisoned air and 3 minutes micro wave meals. Exciting the urbanity in major capitals!

I know that you know that I know.

I know the secret of the secrets, I know the prayer of the prayers, I know the word of the words, I know the number of the numbers, I know the prophecy of the prophecies, I know the treasure of the treasures and I admire loyalty. I know the road of the roads. I know the path of the paths. I know the result of the results, I know the lie of the lies and the truth of the truths.

Breaking News on FOX: All the women in the world together equal with a tiny little piece of hair from Kaia Gerber’s pussy. It is like a forest with extremely high trees andatriplewaterfallalongthePacificOceaninOregon. Da. Da bre. Da.

“Laissez Faire et Laissez Passer’’. Absolutely no Government Intervention. At all. Never forget the basics. Let the things happen and let the people do what they can do. Public Funds and State Funds are not a cow. Never forget the basics.

Your sadness is constellating my heart. I need your breathe to breathe, I need your eyes to see, I need your ears to listen, I need your legs to stand on, I need your nose to smell, I need your mouth to speak and most of all I need your hair to fly.

According to the legislation of Love, the functional assessments of fiscal measurements shall be deregulated towards economic and social development, freedom, distorted inequity and extrajudicial reprisals, when the legitimacy of unequivocal dismemberment fosters the exproprition and persuade the bolster, it perpetuates the speech which elated herons as this impetus acts like an apparent advocate who asphyxiates the defeatism in juridical basis and of course the delegations’ reluctance to escalate, retreat and inherit the neglect that has been witnessed firsthand together with the rehabilitation to hinder the tubercular orbit, the notorious and enviable scorn and in final analysis the appraisal.

Writing about being or not demands a full body explosion.

When a person dies, they have 7 minutes of brain activity left. It’s the mind playing back the person’s memory in a dream sequence.

I believe in coconuts and palm trees. I believe in ants. I believe in flowers. I believe in mountains. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in the CEO of McDonald’s. I believe in a man who lives alone. I believe in a woman who lives alone. I believe in skyscrappers. I believe in rivers. I believe in open doors and broken windows. I believe in Boris Spassky. I believe in Greenland. I believe in Saints and their wisdom. I believe in Ayrton Senna. I believe in hugs. I believe in tears. I believe in You. I believe in chickens. I believe in sounds. I believe in destiny ha ha ha. I believe in a mother who works all day to feed her children and she lives in a tiny apartment in São Paulo. I believe in the CEO of Starbucks. I believe in luna parks. I believe in negative yields. I believe in the rain. I believe in the Sun. I believe in the bull that kills the matador. I believe in silence. I believe in hyenas. I believe in wolfs. I believe in Dalmacija. I believe in Yugoplastika Split. I believe in wrecked hopes. I believe in the pride on the eyes of the donkeys. I believe in the wind. I believe in You. I believe in a yellow house in Frederigsberg. I believe in psychotics and not in psychiatrists. I believe in the CEO of Coca Cola. I believe in Sherman Oaks. I believe in bleeding computers. I believe in emotional lodestones. I believe in Love injections. I believe in the Geometry of emotions. I believe in aereal accidents and I believe in You.

Vienna is continuously being chosen, voted and highlighted as the city with the best living standards and the highest rates in living conditions. Coincidence?

A girl with her hands lifted to the abyss is always a promise.

Love is blue, symbiosis is yellow and loneliness is green. Love implies humility, symbiosis implies a divine symmetry and loneliness implies a canyon full of self-reliance.

Can you imagine the face of an atheist when the aircraft is falling down?

Alain Delon is a brave, wise and handsome man. He said that he would die without any sorrow (for the human race), because he has buried more than 50 dogs and cats.

In 121 years from now, a Global Monetary Union (GMU) will have been established but we will all be under ground.

I love you but I am busy. No time! Sorry!

A successful country leader is the one who get its people united, no matter his/her political beliefs. Very few politicians managed to do this in the 20th and in the 21st century. Most of them (if not all) are just hypocrites, opportunists and arrogant narcissistic pretentious liars who invest on division. Senseless pigs but no, pigs possess a crystal soul.

Have you heard the screaming of a pig a few seconds before it gets murdered?

Hypocrisy is a powerful disadvantage that leads to lies and ends up in testimonial razorblades that underline a significant distinguish of the poverty of the soul.

I am the electricity in your bones, I am the thunder on your lips and I am entirely the twilight of your torched liver, the dusk of your enshrined heart and the dawn of your splendid void.

You are the waterfall behind my forehead and I am the fog in your ears.

Foggy the fog.

I hear you clearly and loudly when you talk to me but I don’t know if you hear me when I talk to you because if you listened to me…

I believe in the bull that kills the matador and I believe in You.


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