Thriving Avalanche

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I am the bear in your window.

Diagonal distress deconstructs dreadfully destabilized doctrines (DDDDDD).

The burning shadows of desire tear apart the fears of tomorrow but this does not happen very often. Usually, there is a delicate balance between dark clouds and semi-dead breathes.

Our wings have been continuously demolished by the ultimate power of Death. The Death is teaching us that we must appreciate the divine gift of life. And, in this case, appreciate means respect and respect means freedom.

If you want to be serious with yourself, everything is an accident.

Show me your browser’s history to tell you who you are.

Being a receiver of an art piece means that you evaluate and mainly respond to all its messages. This dialogue is not sterile but it enforces a prosperous scientific rationalism that provides the art piece itself with a landslide win over innocuous trounce of the eyes and the ears.

Pascal Bruckner wrote a great book in which he analyzed the mechanism that the Left is using to adopt a new aggressive identity policy and baptizing any counterargument as racism, patriarchical violence and fascism by constructing a new scapegoat (the white straight man) to blame for everything. He explained how anti-racism became a reversed racism that this time targets the white straight man and he also explained how the victimazation of various minorities is now a political tool in the hands of the Left. Moreover, he underlined that progressive feminism, from being a powerful movement that set women (and men) free, ended up being a reactionary force that racially bashes white men, framing them as dangerous violent machos. According to these new theories that come from the Left, the white straight man is guilty for the crimes of colonialism, violence against women, the slave market of past centuries, child labor, wars of conquest, economic exploitation, uncritically lumping them all into the same sack of patriarchy.

The life of 1 stray cat equals to the lives of 10.000 humans who do not care about the life of 1 stray cat.

You are not allowed to use earplugs in heaven, all the heavenly sounds shall be heard by you.

The dreams you dreamt yesterday are the nightmares of tomorrow. There is no way to be happy, there is only a way to avoid pain as much as possible, as Aristotle said. We should think very little the things that make us sad and we should think that the painful situations in life and Death itself will be hitting us much later than now. We should maximize hope and minimize reality because reality is a torture. It is a daily execution but we will always have the dreams and/or the nightmares. The Reign of the Labyrinth.

I am the tornado in your lungs and you are the avalanche of my heart.

She is sleeping embraced by the red moon, she disagrees with destiny and she determines dignity with the soul of a tree.

The first individuals in the world who got against to and fought Communism and the (power of the) state were some of the Russian Anarchists. Their theories and practices could be considered as a preliminary stage that laid the ground for the rise of what we now call Liberalism. The contemporary free market ideas belong to economists such as Milton Friedman, Gary Becker, George Stigler, Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek who sharply denigrated the role of the state in the economy.

I never go to funerals, the funerals come to me.

During the WWII, the main battle took place in Europe between the Germans and the Russians and the winners were the Americans and this is why Europe was rebuilt through Harry Truman’s Marshall Plan.

The most pivotal personalities in the history of the human race are the athletes. Not only for what they actually do which is by far more difficult than anything else (a relentless battle between the brain and the body), but because they dismiss to the wrecked souls of the modern world the power to remain alive because these wrecked souls identify with them and they find a reason not only to remain alive but to be strong and fight until the end. Until they finally win. The value, importance and impact of this legacy on how the societies exist and evolve cannot be compared with anything else.

Mikhail Gorbachev was a visionary, peaceful and good man and Vladimir Putin is just a terrible dictator. Shinzo Abe with his Abenomics was visionary, too and Angela Merkel is a good woman because (among others) she opened the German borders to so many immigrants.

I mean this colour which is in between pale blue and purple.

All the flowers were set ablaze and the angels suicide but not all of them and loyalty’s legs are now paralyzed, she cannot walk anymore.

It is better than it used to be but it could be better than it is now.

Kendall Jenner is riding horses and Kendall Jenner said that: ’’if your happiness depends on the actions of others, you are at mercy of things that you can’t control’’.

The void between us and the sky is called consciousness.

The sailors of uncertainty crashed the ferry onto the rocks of vanity. 55 people died, 109 are heavily injured and 22 managed to swim ashore.

The psyche of the dog is pure, brave, wild, gigantic, imperial and enormous like the El Capitan rock in Yosemite.

1, 2, 3, 4… one million thoughts are clinging upwards (and occasionally downwards) to the ecstatic meadows of self-consciousness and a last fatal thought destroys them all and make us return immediately to Zero because Zero is our home. Self-consciousness appears and exists only with our eyes wide shut.

There are some moments when speaking to ourselves is the most sufficient and truthful relief – more than anything else. This is the starting point of knowing who we really are.

3.458.294 disrespectful ladies are hovering in the abyss of the indelible scars of your heart. These scars are potentially weapons of mass disruption.

When it was the last time that you cried?


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