Dua Lipa smells like Kosovo.

Contagious mythical correspondence to non-binary bi products cultivates the speculation, the elation and the puzzlement of bewilderingly cherish emotions. Τhe empathy is in peril.

The dead cannot see the sea.

All the leftists in the world are suffering from the ’’Dunning – Kruger Effect’’ but they don’t know it.

Half of the US Federal State is built upon the principles of Immanuel Kant and half of it is built upon the theories of John Maynard Keynes. This is an unmatched combination which sounds like a rocket.

The black aura of the cemeteries is the sound of the bell of the death.

Consuming information requires energy. Energy does not mean just brain cells. It means body, muscles, flesh, blood and bones. In other words, information consumption eats us up.

Prolific fragrances and cohesive reminiscent sprees.

Socialism is the most unfair economical and sociopolitical system because it takes money through taxes from people who work to give them to others who do not do nothing. And this happens of course with totalitarian, authoritarian and centralized governments and administration that remind us of the Roman Empire. For example, in the former Yugoslavia, the citizens of Croatia and Slovenia were by far the most productive with the highest wages at the largest industries in the country, but they were sending for decades their money through big taxes to the central bank of Serbia in Belgrade, the capital of Yugoslavia. The same happened in the former USSR with Russia. The rest is history. I let you think of it.

The first law of our government is this: Those who shoot the birds must die.

Fiscal prudence proved reluctant. Scorching demand outstrips supply.

She grabbed the kiss with her hand and she pulled her hand on her chest and she did that three times and not just once.

ALM. The 3.000 lost lives on 9/11 matter, too. The 130 humans killed in Bataclan matter, too. The innocent victims of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s bombs in Boston’s Marathon matter, too. Yellow lives matter, too. White lives matter, too. Black lives matter. All Lives Matter (ALM).

Groucho Marx was right when he said that ’’men are women who didn’t make it’’. If you don’t believe this, listen + watch 1.000 times on repeat Taylor Swift’s ’’No problems today just champagne’’ on instagram on 24th November 2021 and then reconsider it. I don’t have anything to tell you about Karl Marx, sorry. Or maybe not: Karl Marx’s books and manifestos got all burnt by the wildfire from Francis Fukuyama’s ”The End of History”.

1 for the money, 2 for the show and 3 for the funeral.

From the countries of the so called ’’former Eastern Block’’, only the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia and the digital Estonia have their eyes gazing with hope towards the future. All the other countries are sick from the past’s introverted syndromes and it will take centuries for them to recover and move forward.

The transition from the pencil to the pen = The death of the childhood

Significant errors dance on the wooden floor of wisdom; robust mayhems jump on the sand of hope; and glorious breakdowns bounce on the marble of truth.

The question is: The brains on ice and the souls on fire or the brains on fire and the souls on ice? And what if the brains and the souls are both on fire? What if the brains and the souls are both on ice?

Your melancholy is my compass and your joy is my ammunition.

Rectangular Renegades Reconstruct Radical Radiants (RRRRR).

A technique called Raman spectroscopy can image nanoparticles within the bodies of living mice, such as in the liver. The technique offers high sensitivity, low cost, and the ability to watch several molecules at once. Raman spectroscopy detects how objects scatter laser light, a phenomenon named after the Indian physicist Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, who discovered the effect in the 1920s. Each type of molecule produces a unique Raman signature.

The generals at the HQ of Nothing are referring to the Invisible Entities of Freedom (IEF).

I want to live forever in that moment when the speed of the brain is so fast that you forgot what you just thought. The freedom of expressing emotions is the powder for perpetual moments. We should never embold sentimental deadlocks.

She heard the whisper of the universe, she was transformed to a butterfly and then she died.

The satellites of failure are irritating beacons in a night full of stars. The psychological scars of the past are artillery in the ongoing war for the redemption. The punishment with silence is an extraordinary process that formulates eerie disengagements and collateral reactions. The cerebral heritage of professional athletes when they retire is the most powerful and the most efficient weapon against all kinds of obstacles.

The garden of sorrow was shot and killed by the rifle of life.

0,64ml of black + 0,64ml of white = 1,28ml of grey

Her necklace is the prison of happiness.

We are all digital mutated entities who are seeking for a wireless paradise, a splendid dystopia like the sound of a shelling.

Start erasing all the murky and shady colors from your psyche, light up all the candles of your heart and the sun will shine bright. At least for a while…

One sea, two mountains and a chair; run to eternity.

Vitam Impendere Vero.

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