Balm Epitaph

WWW is Wind’s Wild Whistling.

The earth is being ’’connected’’ to the skies with LLCD (Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration), as part of LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer).

Schopenhauer: Music differs from all the other arts by the fact that it is not a copy of appearance, or, more exactly, of the will’s adequate objectivity, but is directly a copy of the will itself, and therefore expresses the metaphysical to everything physical in the world, the thing-in-itself to every appearance. Accordingly, we could just as well call the world ’’embodied music as embodied will’’.

The ultimate form of philosophy might be to just being realistic.

Backward listening reverses and widening the cells and neurons of aural perception.

Can you see my chest and my heart ostracizing thunders towards you? Look! Can you see? Look! Can you see?

Where is George Kennan and his foundations of foreign policy we loved so much?

I am getting older and truth is essential to remain young.

Miracles are part of reality, too.

I think that movies related to NSA’s practices have been produced in ”The Hollywood” many decades ago. And, Europeans have been watching them and enjoying them; feeling somehow ’’privileged’’ that they have been always aware of this kind of NSA’s virtual, aural or other practices associated to monitored computer network and electronic eavesdropping. We all knew it and shared it and smiling. And now it is a huge burden for the relations between the E.U and the U.S…

What is finally happening?

Is it all about ”The Hollywood”?

She sang that song so loud that all the trees flew up to the sky and kissed him on his forehead and in his mouth – of course.

He just said: ’’you are dancing nicely’’.

I tell you brown and its yellow. I tell you yellow and its brown. I tell you blue and its grey. I tell you grey and its blue. I tell you purple and its pink. I tell you pink and its purple. I tell you black and its black. I tell you white and its nothing.

No, no, let me explain you: there are those people whom the only thing they deserve is to spit on their own faces.

How could a garden be deaf?

Schizofrenic scissors split emotional seas when intoxicated flamingos snowboarding in the air.


The death of all shadows requires a lot of light.

She is walking on glass dreams with hammer headed boots, applying the aesthetics of nothingness.

Beware of all aural and sentimental traces in the outskirts of consciousness.

Beware of all the red bruises in someone’s blue eyes.

Beware of all the demons and of all gods.

Beware that all dreams are more truthful than reality.

Beware because my words are chainsaws getting against your knees and I am handicapped.

Music is blaring. Music is justice and forgiveness. Music encapsulates precisely the nature of the injustice. Yesterday, I slept in a underground monastic campus, working unhindered by the pesky objectives.

Physicists Chen Ning Yang and Tsung Dao Lee discovered that nature is not symmetrical.

Which is the annual GDP of Chaoslandia?

Pythagoras was listening to the harmony of the universe by understanding the catholic harmony of the spheres and the stars, which are moving towards them; a harmony which we, as humans, cannot hear due to the insufficiency of our organism.

Musica Humana < Musica Mundana

Hackers are selling coding flaws. Zero day exploits and its aftermath is the new big business.

Women to be beautiful and men to be virile… Av. Antarctica is ending at a yellow cemetery.

Maximalism is Void and Void is Maximalism.

Our babies will get born out of tears – there won’t be any sperm involved.

We are sorry, but the present is being occupied by the past of the future.

The lobotomy of freedom is green.

The Chaos was born out of stars or the stars were born out of Chaos?

Diaries are usually demolished pieces of stones attached on a drawing. Yes, they are demolished pieces of stones attached on a drawing. This is what diaries are.

Protect your charming pride and you’ll live forever.

And now:

Optional instructions on how you can touch someone’s hands when she/he is not beside you:

1) you close your eyes and just imagine it

2) you just swallow a song

3) you go to a beach and you stick your fingers in the sand

4) you drink all your serotonine in a glass of wine

5) you rip out your own heart and you throw it in a river inhabited by piranhas

6) you count the planets with your fingers and her/his hands are being grabbed by yours

7) 7 is a much more important number than 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

7 are the holes of human skull, 7 are the notes, 7 are the planets, 7 are the continents and 7 is the number of Toni Kukoč.

Toni Kukoč is the incarnation of poetry into the court. Toni Kukoč is an MVP even when he doesn’t touch the ball at all. Toni Kukoč’s arms are like giant bulldozers caressing the skies. Toni Kukoč is the absolute confirmation of solidarity and pluralism. Toni Kukoč’s mind is like a symphonic orchestra establishing the most radical cultural ostentation ever released. Toni Kukoč wears No 7 and 7 is more important than the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 optional instructions on how you can touch someone’s hands when she/he is not beside you.

I dreamt of you smiling and I sweated.

Pigs, snails and hedgehogs are falling in love, too.

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