Titloi Telous

Novi_sad created the music for the short film ”Titloi Telous – Out of Frame”, directed by Yorgos Zois. The film was awarded as the best short movie at the 69th Venice Biennale International Film Festival, being Mostra’s official nomination for the European Film Awards (EFA) 2012.

From director’s note:

In Greece, the advertisement in exterior billboards has been recently forbidden. As a result there are hundreds of empty frames that don’t carry any messages. But the empty frames are now the message. And we are out of frame.

The empty frames above our heads, picture not only the current social and financial collapse, but at the same time they portray our bare inner world.

They directly reflect our blank state of mind, our sentimental void and solitary existence.

The empty frames are the contemporary monuments.

”Empty frames without message – A city out of frame – End titles”.

Out of Frame poster

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