Residency at the Centre for Composers, Gotland, Sweden from 29th of September to 12th of October 2008.

Three different projects realized:

– A composition based on field recordings from the entire Gotland’s area, produced in the Alpha Studio.

Aldrig” | 22:47″

Listen to a sample from Aldrig

– Mastering a previous work, titled “Inhumane humans“, which consists of 2 tracks:

Srebrenica” | 25:36″

Aircraft noises” | 13:23″

– Additionally, I have been working on “Sirens“, which is a new audio project based on various methods of analysis on rare recordings and explores the aesthetics of quantitative data and numerical elements on sound. This information has been taken from major stockmarket crashes in history.

The original audio is from:

– CM von Hausswolff | Sweden []

– Richard Chartier | U.S []

– Beckie Foon | Canada [A silver mt Zion, Set fire to flames]

– Jacob Kirkegaard | Denmark []

– Helge Sten | Norway [Deathprod, Supersilent]

In Greek mythology, the Sirens were three dangerous women with the head of a female and the body of a bird, who lived on an island called Sirenum scopuli. All locations were surrounded by cliffs and rocks. Seamen who sailed near were decoyed by the Sirens enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast. With the irresistible charm of their song they lured mariners, although they were not sea deities. They were mantic creatures knowing both the past and the future. Their song took effect at midday, in a windless calm. The end of that song is death. It has been suggested that, with their feathers stolen, their divine nature kept them alive, but unable to provide for their visitors, who starved to death by refusing to leave.

Further info about “Sirens“, will be posted up when finished. Stay tuned!

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